Worldprofit Updates

Summary of Latest Worldprofit Service Upgrades and New Products

Worldprofit has introduced the following new products and services in recent months

  • 5 New Design Templates added to Gallery for our Home Business Packages
  • Release of the Worldprofit Social Networking Site
  • Release of the Master Success Kit (over 3,000 Products, Software, Ebooks and more – provided free of charge for all current Silver and Platinum Package Owners)
  • 18th Book by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, “The 10 (Woefully Common) Mistakes Killing Your Internet Business. Free for all current Silver and Platinum package owners.
  • Addition of Screen Shot Training for the Bootcamp Training Program
  • Live and Recorded Bootcamp programs for 24 Hour training opportunities
  • Podcast release of Bootcamp Training Sessions
  • Release of the Resellers Club – free enrollment for all Silver and Platinum package owners
  • Introduction of FastTrack Lead Generation Program
  • Addition of over 50 Landing Pages for promotion of Products and Services
  • Enhancements to Monitor Training Program and Network for the Live Business Center
  • More products added to the Goody Bag as free incentives for new Associate members
  • Increase of Commission payable on products within the Resellers Club
  • Release of the Read-4-Cash plugin allowing owners to sell and keep 80% of ad revenue
  • Refinements to the Bootcamp Training program for easier access, and single click tasks.
  • Introduction of the new Traffic Tip Series

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