New Products added to Worldprofit Reseller Club

Today we added 3 new products to the Resellers Club. Worldprofit Silver and Platinum package owners can now login to their Member area to download these free for your own use. You can also promote them and earn 80% commission on sales. We’ve included one-click links so you can post the products easily to your Newsletter, or use the Landing pages, or add the products to your website.

Our goal is to add a minimum of $400 worth of products to the Resellers Club each month. We select only software and products that are NEW, topical and of good value. The products we release cannot be found free online – all of them have an actual retail value, we buy them, along with the Resale rights, then make them available to our Silver and Platinum members. We select products that we have reviewed that we think will help you build your online home business, and help build your website traffic.

Essentially, in the last 6 months, we have completely overhauled the Silver and Platinum packages to increase the value, the tools, training, support, and the commissions payable to our Members. We are not done yet! Much more to do!

We will post more announcements as we release more products and accomplish more of the goals we set for 2009 with our “RE-MASTERED” Silver and Platinum packages.

To our loyal customers around the world, thank you for believing in the value of what we offer at Worldprofit, and for your supportive patience while we have been making these changes and improvements. There is more to come as we work hard to support you too!

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  1. I am delighted to be one of 80 live monitors who are in rotation in the Live Business Center 24 hours per day, seven days a week. This is a unique opportunity to sharpen my communications skills and network with pople from around the world.

    It is my pleasure to find a company which offers training from the ground up (millionaire bootcamp), targeted training by a master multimillionaire mentor, (Dr. Jeffery Lant), and well trained, helpful members of this communit who ae willing to help you make sense of the comlexities of Inernet Marketing.

    The products, tools, training and mentoring are worth more than the entry level asking price.

    I invte people to contact me personally, visit my Worldprofit site and see for themselves:

    Thanks for everything,
    Cynthia McKelvy
    Dealer and Community Member

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