Worldprofit’s Community Site Reaches 1000 Members

The Worldprofit Social Networking site was launched just a few short months ago and has already grown to over 1,000 Members. The focus of the site is on Home Business, resources, tools, strategies and tips on how and what people are doing to build an online business.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum members, as well as free Associate members are able to network with others with similar interests in building a home business. However, anyone wanting to network and learn from others can join the Worldprofit community site at no cost.

Within the site is a Worldprofit Group targetted at Worldprofit Members for the purpose of sharing information and helping one another within the Worldprofit Home Business System.

Worldprofit’s Social Networking site is open for free membership to anyone interested in growing a succesful online business. Go to:

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  1. well, I have join world profit so i could start a new life my lodlie as been or was a life fll of working 18 to 30 hours a day running m business it was called THE CLEANING CREW where we would clean-up construction jobs like banksand new office building, and window washing and landscaping. i did the bidding and the work and babysitting the employees. the reason i dont work anymore is that i had a bad fall and now i am not able to do any kind of work that requires me to do heavy lifting or even walking. thats why i am here to discover a new way of life and hope and pray that my web site starts pying off soon i haven’t had money in over 2.5 years now and hope this all works out. here is my web site:

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