The 4 MOST Important Words In Business Success

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

There is a secret to success in marketing and
business and that success in contained in just
4 words…





They are the Philosopher’s Stone delivering
one sale after another… and profit even in the
worst of times.


One of the worst mistakes you can make in
business is to create marketing communications
that speak to no one in particular. WRONG!
Successful marketing is about talking to and
never deviating from a focus on the EXACT
person you are determined to motivate.

speak directly to her.

For example, if you were selling any gizmo your
ad copy should NEVER begin with the name of
your business. That’s about YOU.  Instead it
should focus on the person who has the ability
to make or break you:  the all-important customer!

Have you considered the person you are
speaking to? Have you visualized this person?
Is he in your mind as you create EVERY marketing

If you write marketing communications — ANY
marketing communications — that focus on YOU,
you will squander the opportunity to motivate
action from "you, the customer." That is fatal.


The whole of business is about a transfer of
assets… about the person who offers and the
person who accepts that offer.

Successful marketers remind themselves, over
and over again, every single day that their
success is completely centered on what the
customer gets, NEVER on what you, the
business owner, get.

Thus, when you sit down to create an offer
you need to remind yourself: I can only be
successful to the extent that my customer
is heaped high with "you gets".

Visualize this process as an ice-cream cone.
See yourself building an offer by adding one
scoop after another.  The more you add, the
faster you can induce customer action… so
add liberally.


And just what are you adding?


The average business owner is so immersed in
the mundane and prosaic details of running her
business (what, another form from the government
to complete!) that she loses sight of the purpose
of it all: improving the life of your customer.

What does a customer want? Benefits!

Why does the customer come to you? To get
those benefits!

Why does the customer give you her hard-
earned money? Because you have made the
strongest case that YOU have the benefits
to confer!

Do you have a benefit file for EVERYTHING you
want to sell? Probably not. You probably know
what’s in this thing… but have probably never
systematically written down just what the customer
gets from you when he uses it.


Take the time to brain storm each and every
benefit your customer gets.

You get……..this.

And you get…….. this.

You also get this.

Get the picture?

Benefits motivate. More benefits motivate faster.


There is only one time in marketing… and that
time is NOW!

There is no past… there is no future.

There is only this particular moment!

Your TOTAL focus must be on motivating the
prospect to act NOW.  Have you offered enough
to make this happen? When you make an offer
you know. Either people are leaping to get it…
or they are not. Bad offers NEVER get better
over time, unlike a fine wine. Either they work AT
ONCE… or they NEVER work. Your job is to
experiment with your offers so that they generate
response after immediate response!

Last Words

Serious about business success? Want as much
as possible?

Then start out EVERY day by reciting the
"You get benefit now" mantra. The more it becomes
part of the fiber of your business life, the more
successful you will become. Guaranteed.

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