Worldprofit: A Review of Developments in 2010 and Sneak Peak at Plans for 2011

2010 has been an exciting year at Worldprofit. As the year winds down we review some of the services released this past year to our valued Members. As we look forward to 2011, we express our appreciation to the 850,000+ Members who have joined the Worldprofit Home Business Network.

Over the past year our focus has been continuing to provide Members with free and low-cost services to increase the value of the Worldprofit Membership. We understand that the success of our Members requires ongoing specialized training, tested tools and up-to-date resources to help generate traffic, sales and income sources.
In listening to our Members, you told us you wanted easy-to-use automated gizmos and gadgets to build traffic. You wanted proven strategies for making sales. In these tough economic times, you told us you wanted more ways to earn from home from trusted reputable sources. To that end, in 2010 Worldprofit released a number of new  Member services.
NOTE: Members, if you missed any of these tools, you can access them all within your Worldprofit Member area.

Search Engine Optimization and Strategy is a complicated process to the new marketer. Mistakes can be time-consuming and costly. We researched a number of tools to make SEO easier for our Members, and added:

The SEO Kit including:
-Automatic SEO Backlink Builder Tool (3,000 Backlinks)
-Auto Safelist LP Blaster
-Auto Safelist CB Blaster
-Twitter Promo Pack
-Twitter Promo Pack for Tweet Adder
-The Website Indexer
SEO Power Pack (21 free Software Products devoted to SEO Marketing Campaigns)

Banner Advertising can be a challenge without access to banners,and ease of posting, so we created The Banner Promo Kit.  This consists of pre-loaded promotional banners for a number of traffic and revenue sources.

In an effort to help attract new Members, we added a number of incentive bonuses to attract new Associate members
-Goody Bag products
-Free Promotion Codes for free Advertising (selected)
-Special Upgrade Offers with Bonuses and freebies.

With the help of our Design Team, we created a number of new Landing pages to help Members generate sign ups and build e-mail lists.

To assist with traffic, we created the Promo Code Center. This consists of 122+ free places to advertise for the exclusive use of Worldprofit Members. At the time of writing this, Members can access over 1 MILLION free Ad credits at a variety of websites all targeting the Home Business market.   We also expanded our list of recommended Advertising sources for paid or for credit based advertising.

To help you have a number of trustworthy income sources we expanded the 20+ Income Sources. We also introduced the Money Makers Program. This has proven extremely popular and we plan to add companies, products and services over time.

New commissonable business-building services were added that included: CPanel Hosting and Plugins (Hosted Blogs, Classifieds, Forums, Articles, News)

Recognizing some shortcomings in our Autoresponder System, we upgraded the system to add more automation and pre-built sequences. We included this upgraded version of the Autoresponder System in the Platinum VIP Membership at no extra cost.

Article Marketing is a powerful way to generate content and get backlinks to your site.  The problem for most people is where to find unique content. Worldprofit CEO and best-selling author, Dr. Jeffrey Lant came to the rescue! He has been writing brand new articles and releasing them every few days for the exclusive use of Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members.  Most writers of Dr. Lant’s caliber outright refuse to let others republish their work.  Dr. Lant offers all of his articles to Worldprofit Members at no cost.  We then took it one step further and George Kosch created the Article Marketing Directory. This is an archive of articles by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter and others for the exclusive use of Worldprofit Members.

ClickBank’s digital products are hot sellers. George Kosch in his continued strategy to provide not only products that Members can sell but also easy ways to market them, released the CB Engine Plugin. Integration of these ClickBank products into Member websites, adds value to what can be sold on Member sites.  Over 10,000 products! The ClickBank Promotion Kit is yet another way to help Member’s easily promote ClickBank products.

Responding to Members who told us they needed to know critical advertising data, George Kosch created the Ad Tracker Tool, and included it at no cost for Members. 

Any business knows that a critical factor in making sales, is building a mailing list. To help Members with this, the  Magic List Builder tool was created and integrated into the Member area.  We also expanded list capture strategies on all marketing materials for the benefit of Members.

Private Label Reseller products are valuable for generating sales, making offers, and generating traffic. The Resellers Club was expanded to include the VAULT of PLR Products – all free for Silver and Platinum Members. It’s time consuming and expensive to locate and buy these products. So Worldprofit finds the products, buys the products and the resale rights, then makes them available for the free use of Members, with ability to sell the products or includes as offer incentives.

One of the reasons for the success and popularity of the the Worldprofit Home Business System is due to a number of elite Members who have qualified to be part of our 24 Monitor Network.  Under the experienced hands-on supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lant, we have watched people from all walks of life with little or no sales experience learn how to make offers and close sales.  No other company offers this kind of unique community style approach of Members helping Members to build a successful online business.  The Monitor Benefit Program was introduced and implemented by Dr. Lant to reward our loyal network of  Monitors  for their dedication in the Live Business Center.

In the last month of 2010, we implemented the Automatic Traffic Injection Service as a value -added free service for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members.    This service is very popular among our new Members as they get a Traffic Injection each and every month. It’s a boost for new Members still learning how to build their business.

And most recently in December of 2010, Worldprofit released the Private Label Reseller (PLR)  and Ebook Store prestocked with latest products and integrated ready-to-go shopping cart. Members were appreciative of the fact that 100% of the sales generated within the PLR Store are retained by the Member.

Our Members come to Worldprofit with varying levels of technical and marketing ability and web understanding. This year we worked hard to determine a way to help get new Members started more easily, while meeting the needs of our more advanced Members marketing needs. One of the changes introduced  was to add two levels of LIVE Bootcamp Training. A Beginners Session and an Advanced Marketer’s session for our Bootcamp Graduates (Certified E-Business Consultants).  You can’t learn this stuff in school!  We teach what we ourselves have tried, tested and evaluated in our own daily online activities.  LIVE training will continue and George Kosch’s bootcamp sessions will be recorded for the convenience of all Members.

A sneak peak at our plans for 2011.

We are doing a complete revamp of all Silver and Platinum Design Templates to introduce more user options including integration of social networking, layouts, videos, products, etc.  The goal is to bring the templates into current industry standard, offer more choices and functionality for Silver and Platinum Websites. This will also include expansion of the current Content Management System to accommodate design upgrades and provide user friendly update options.
All this will be implemented pain-free. Members need not worry that they must be an advanced site designer or developer to use and benefit from these changes. We are keeping it simple.

Our goal continues to be one of providing as many effective automated tools as possible for our Members. We are developing one-click solutions for traffic and lead generation.  

We continue to test and integrate tools for Traffic, more SEO Tools and more automated marketing tools including Social Networking applications.

Continued expansion of the Article Marketing Directory, as well as a plugin for Member use.

Continued commitment to speedy friendly Account and Technical Support

Ongoing tweaks to Member area for ease of use and navigation.

Continued updates to online Bootcamp Training Course for simplicity, understanding, Member graduation.

George Kosch has plans for a Bootcamp 3 – consisting of periodic specialized training programs for the super-advanced marketers in our Membership.

Continued research and development of trusted Profit Partners so Members have even more products available for resale (more earning options).

Continued pursuit of partnerships or agreements with related companies offering products and services that will benefit our Members, including exploration of purchase discounts.

Ongoing development of new and updated marketing materials, landing pages, capture pages, ad examples.

Continued Monitor Training and Sales Development under personalized supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Finally, one of the things we are most excited about is the upgrade to a new Web Conferencing system that will permit  many more capabilities for our LIVE Weekly Bootcamp Training. With this new software Members will enjoy  improved sound and video quality, the accommodation of a larger number of participants, enhanced desktop sharing, and faster upload of the recorded session once the LIVE event is completed.  In summary, this upgrade will provide Members with a more professional and exceedingly high quality training experience.   Once this new system is in place, we then plan to work on a Training Library that will store the archived weekly recordings for the convenience of Members. 

And much much more still in the research and planing stages that we are not ready to reveal at this time.
Rest assured our daily commitment is to making your Worldprofit Membership so valuable that you can’t even think about giving it up! 

Since humble beginnings in 1994, Worldprofit has grown to be recognized at the Home Business Experts.
In 2011, we look forward to continuing to help people from around the world learn how to earn from home.

Happy New Year to each of you from George Kosch, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and the entire Worldprofit Support Team


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