Review: George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp March 2, 2012 from Worldprofit Inc.

George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc., presented the March 2nd Home Business Bootcamp Training LIVE via webcast at 10 AM CT. The training was for 90 minutes, with the first hour recorded for the convenience of Members unable to attend the live session.

Discussion and Training Topics included:


1) Basics for NEW Members. EXACTLY what you SHOULD be doing to make this system work and make consistent income for yourself.
2) Common mistakes made by newbies.
3) What to do to get on track.
4) How to convert yourself from a “Frustrated Flapper” into a “Smooth Swimmer”.


List building strategies that are zero-spam compliant
Safe-Swaps (swap your list or book solo ads)
Mail Chimp
Get Response
Constant Contact
Landing Pages
SURBL – Discussion
Google’s new URL Shortener (
The value of links – link building is good for Search Engine Optimization.
Multiple domains, hosted blogs/free blogs, videos blogs
Linked In
Templatic Blogs and Video Blogs
Woo Themes
Studio Press(Genesis Framework)
Product Reviews and Affiliate Sales
Dealer Lounge

KEY TO SALES: Your prime directive for making sales is this: spend 90% of your time promoting. Sales are made from PROMOTION. Money is made from Promotion. The resources to do so are in your Worldprofit Member area.

MONITOR TRAINING: Do you have what it takes to be part of our elite Monitor Network? We will train you! Junior Monitor Training now underway. You can learn personally from marketing legend, Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Contact Dr. Lant directly for details.

What’s NEW!

-New video blog site at Details at
-Integration of Aweber and Get Response now integrated into Landing Pages and Mail Chimp will be added within the week. (in development)
-Monitor Recognition: Time and Sales Reports now posted to Member area. APPLAUSE for the Worldprofit Monitor Team.

What’s in Development (how we continue to add value for our Members)

– Creation of Silver Plus Membership with basic components of standard Silver Package, but with some cool money-making and traffic-building extras (Classifieds, Article Directory and Blog for starters)
– Landing Page Creator (Splash Page Builder) with integration into Member’s sites with click of button
– JV Zoo: Instant Affiliate Platform to be integrated for Worldprofit Members – another source of income for our Members
– New Tool so Members can add Worldprofit Landing Pages to their own blog(s). Quick, easy and portable.

Comments from Home Business Bootcamp Participants

Joanna: Thank you for your time, George. Have a wonderful day!
David: These trainings just keep getting better and better! Thanks George!!!
Minta: Thanks George!
Tania: Thanks George. Need to go …have a great weekend.
David: Honorary Docterate – you are a great teacher/Prof.
Arvell: sounds good, George… you gonna love what i’ve created… all from what i’ve learnd from Worldprofit!
James: Thank you George – Your comments mean a lot to me *

* * * * *

THANK YOU to everyone who made time to participate in today’s training. Your input is appreciated and valuable to all members of the community. We hope you enjoyed the training session.

Today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area later today. Follow up questions to the training can be submitted to the Worldprofit Technical Support Team.

NEXT Session: The next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp will be March 9th, 2012 at 10 AM CT.

For more information on Worldprofit’s Home Business Training and earn at home opportunities, go to

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