Who will be our October Top Seller? It could be YOU if you are following the training.

Look at these hard working individuals on the TOP 10 Sellers list for October.

1. Robert and Linda Elze (defending Top Seller for September)
2. Lance Sumner (moving up!)
3. Howard Martell (determined!)
4. Les Dunn (a former Top Seller, will he be again this month)
5. Steven Lanier (pushing hard for results)
6. Henry Mahlknecht (one of our Top 10 regulars)
7. Joseph Freyaldenhoven (smart marketer)
8. Loretta Deter (local gal working hard!)
9. Robert Rehling ( disciplined and clever)
10. Albion Derbyshire (not afraid of hard work)

Good work!  Promote. Promote. Promote.  The key to sales and money in your pocket.

With less than 10 days left in the month, this list could change many more times. YOUR NAME could be on the list!

Now, if you are NOT on that Top Sellers list, don’t despair. We are here to give you a helping hand.

First, you have your online bootcamp training levels, follow the tasks for each level.

We also have a LIVE training program FRIDAY OCTOBER 26th at 10 AM CT with George Kosch.
Access is within your Member area.

If you are new to Worldprofit, or if you have been with us a while and can’t seem to get on track we want to see YOU at the training.

This LIVE interactive weekly training has ONE GOAL – to help YOU – earn at home from multiple reputable sources.

You are not limited to selling just Worldprofit services, we have lots and lots and LOTS of other products you can sell too. PLUS, you can use the tools and resources we provide to sell any of your own affiliate programs. Come to the training and learn how to make consistent sales from home.

You are not alone at Worldprofit, help is here but you must take responsibility for doing the training.

See you there on Oct 26th at 10 AM CT SHARP!
(all LIVE programs are also recorded and posted in the TRAINING section of your Member area)

PS: If you missed the LIVE training on Friday please watch the recording. A new service was announced that benefits you (it’s free) and will help you make sales.
Look for the video in your Member area under the TOP MENU under training then select the video with today’s date, Oct 19.

P.S.S NEW FAST CASH money making programs were just added to your member area! On TOP MENU select FAST CASH PROGRAM to see the additions and get started promoting to earn 100% commission.

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