We are only 17 days into the NEW YEAR and so many of you are promoting HARD and getting results!

Just look at who’s on our Top 10 Sellers list already.

10th Place: Nick Verna
9th Place: Howard Martell 
8th Place: Elizabeth Evans
7th Place:Darren Schiele
6th Place: Dale Thomson
5th Place: Wallace Johnson
4th Place: Lance Sumner
3rd Pace: Michael Funston
2nd Place: Henry Mahlknecht
1st Place: Linda Elze

What are all of these people doing to get on the Top Sellers List?


What should YOU be doing to get on the Top Sellers List and start putting MONEY in your pocket?


We want to see YOU promoting so YOU too can be on this TOP SELLERS LIST!

If you don’t know, how, what or where  watch the Bootcamp VIDEO for BEGINNERS posted in your Member area.
Then plan on attending the LIVE training on FRIDAY at 10 AM CT with marketing expert George Kosch.

George will get you on track, take questions and show demonstrations on screen.    Access is within your Member area, bring a pen and paper and be prepared to listen and learn. Please arrive on TIME.

If you are STUCK. Get UNSTUCK. Just submit a Support Request Form and we will get back to you PRONTO. 


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