Sept 5th is WILLIAM BUCK Day! Join us in the celebration

On Thursday September 5th at 1 pm EASTERN TIME, we celebrate….

Mr. William Buck

You may know William as one of our hard working Monitors. William is always professional, efficient and upbeat, volunteering his time to help all members of our home business community in our Live Business Center.

There is a lot more to this quiet, hard working, community-minded gentle man, come find out more.

Please join us for a celebration of William Buck.

All Monitors, and Silver and Platinum VIP Members are encouraged to attend, share your warm well wishes and say THANK YOU.   

Where: Worldprofit’s Live Business Center.

When: Thursday Sept 5th at 1 pm ET.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Lant (Dr. Lant has written a special tribute article dedicated to William Buck)  

* * * * * * * * * * *


For ALL NEW MEMBERS who have just joined Worldprofit, here are some words of advise from fellow NEW Member, Terry Heffner.

Thank you Terry for sending this in to help other NEW members in our Worldprofit home business community who don’t yet grasp the purpose of repetition and focus on promotion and list building.   We can tell YOU are on the right road already to building your own successful online business.


I am a Silver member who is fairly new about 30 days or so. I just have been going through the bootcamp training, I must have watched the first three videos about three times. As I progress down the bootcamp training I am starting to see why you preach using the safe lists and other avenues to create your list.

It is very tempting to click all over the many valuable assets you have here. So to all the new people let me tell you to listen to what the man is saying and follow what he preaches as much as possible. I still have a long way to go and yes it gets boring but with all the help and resources you are given here I suggest you take full advantage of them.

Thank you again.


Terry Heffner

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