Have you set this up yet? How come? It’s in your Membership at NO cost.

Worldprofit has created a Social Media Profile site (BLOG)  for our Members that allows you to connect with others as well as promote and market ALL your online interests, affiliates etc.

Your Worldprofit Social BLOG site in INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

Networking and connecting with others in various affiliate marketing and home business programs is a vital part of your online success.

In your Worldprofit Social BLOG you can:

-Add your photo and personalize your social website address

-Post to your wall

-List and link all your social networks

-Promote and earn money using the site

-Create your own blog

-Post to your wall or your blog by category of topic

-Promote your social website address  

Worldprofit Social is easy to use and you have unlimited use to promote any and all your programs, products, services or affiliate programs.

And when you promote your address, you can sign up ASSOCIATES and you know how important that is in making SALES.

We have recorded a brief video to show you how easy this is to do, and why you should do this to increase your marketing, and your search engine optimization thus helping you to grow your business, your leads and your list.  

–> Here’s how to access the help video and quickly set up YOUR Worldprofit Social Media profile.

In your Member area, look on the TOP LEFT CORNER. There you will see your Name and Dealer ID. Click on the link that says WP SOCIAL. Once on that page you will see how to personalize your profile, post to your wall, add categories, promote your links, start your blog and start earning by promoting your social website. 




You donate your own valuable time to help other members of our community while learning how to build your own online business. 

If YOU would like to become a Monitor, all you need is a web camera and willingness to learn. We provide the training AND you get some great perks, freebies and preferred pricing on selected services. Contact Dr. Lant to start your training at 617-547-6372 or when you see him working in the Live Business Center, tell him you want to get started!

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