With 10 days left in the month, WHO will be November’s Top Seller?

With 10 days left in the month, WHO will be November’s Top Seller?

These are our current TOP 10 Sellers – working hard to build their online business.

1. Linda Elze
2. Wallace Johnson
3. Dori ONeill
4. Jay Petersen
5. Leo Laurent
6. Brenda Shaylor
7. Pam Sudo¬
8. Cindy and Jeremiah Johnson¬
9. Dale Thomson¬
10. Howard Martell

Want to know the secret to being a Top Seller?

Do YOU want to be on the TOP SELLERS list?

– Promote consistently – every day if you can
РFollow the bootcamp training lessons РFOCUS and DO what George Kosch teaches. It works!

Speaking of George Kosch he just told me this….

During Friday’s Bootcamp Training, member¬†will enjoy¬†a sneak peak at a new Autoresponder Sequence we are working on, AND give you an update on the planned release for the new Reminder Service/Task System.¬†

Bootcamp Training is FRIDAY at 8:00 CT.
Access is within your Member area.  The program is also recorded for your convenience. 


Looking for content featured in our Bootcamp Newsletters?

We post interesting articles, interviews with our Dealers, bootcamp reviews, marketing tips and more at:



New lessons added to the online Bootcamp Training program.

You now have 82 lesson plans you can do at your own pace.
You can see the Bootcamp Lesson Summary in your Member area, on left menu under HOME¬†BUSINESS¬†BOOTCAMP click on “BOOTCAMP¬†LESSON¬†SUMMARY”
You can use the tool included there to make an Ebook for yourself.



WARNING! Don’t get caught up in the learning, and forget about the DOING!
DOING the promotion is how you make sales. Learn daily but PROMOTE DAILY to build your leads, your list and your INCOME. 

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