Happy New Year! Herman, Joel and Michael are now VIP’s!

Happy New Year to you!

Some of you are already thinking seriously about you can position yourself to make 2014 your best year yet for making online income!

These fine people have just joined our elite group of VIP Members by upgrading from Silver to Platinum VIP Membership.

Welcome to the following new Platinum VIP Members!

Herman Hartman
Michael Burgman
Joel Bleu
Raynesha Huff
MaNu Montero
Celestin Kanga Brou
Kent Wise
Patrick DeMasi
Said Ereg
Noel Schipanski
Jane Clark
Eric Schwager
William Bradley
Ronald Lentz
Patricia Dubois
Willie Lowery
Marie-Josette Calixte
Robin Fraser
Reynaldo Vela
Linda Christianson
Qulzam Mahmood
Lucie Woods
Grant DeNormandie
Bryan Byrd
Terence Connell
Greg Bessler
Bruno Duarte
Peter Junker
Tommie Jennings
Kevin Deadder
Mae Lucio
Pam Sudo
Diana De Conno
Charles Goldie

Congratulations on your smart business decision and for taking advantage of the savings during our current upgrade offer!

We have now successfully upgraded your accounts, added in your additional traffic, software and incentives. You can login to enjoy your VIP services and higher commission rate. Make sure you have all your traffic accounts set up so we can add your extra advertising, and you get your monthly traffic injection.  Check your email for the upgrade confirmation email we sent you with all the important details.  Your upgrade to your Commission Rate is IMMEDIATE and you qualify for ALL bonuses.

Silver members! Interested in upgrading to Platinum VIP Membership?

We have extended our UPGRADE OFFER until Jan 5th, 2014.

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