Consumer Protection

Not all Online Advertising is Equal. Read this to get results and keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

By Sandi Hunter Many online entrepreneurs are using various advertising sources that do NOT produce good quality leads. It is your choice where you promote but we want to make sure you understand that all advertising is NOT equal.  Read this important information below to save yourself wasted dollars on advertising, save time and avoid blood boiling, hair-pulling frustration. Here ...

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Is it a Scam? Here’s how you’ll know.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Hundreds of thousands of folks worldwide have been bilked by Internet scams to the tune of millions of dollars. Now hear this: not one of these people had to lose a single penny.  EVERY scam under the sun can easily be identified.... and hence avoided. Here are the signs of clear and present danger: 1) Scams ...

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