Lance Sumner shares what works for him and can work for you too!

CONSISTENT PROMOTION is the CRITICAL COMPONENT in making sales! We’ve been interviewing our most active Dealers and it should come as no surprise that the ONE thing they ALL do without fail is: PROMOTION. Below, Platinum VIP Member, Lance Sumner reveals his “SECRETS” to building his online business. (THANK YOU LANCE for sharing your expertise). If YOU want to be ...

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GASP! This is unreal!

Last week George Kosch said to me, “Sandi, I have an idea. It’s going to make PROMOTION super-easy!  It’s going to save our Members a huge amount of time and generate a ton of leads. They going to FREAK OUT when I show them this. “ Then he disappeared for a week the only indication he was still in the office was a continuous pecking away at a ...

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