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If the money's in the list why ain't you got one?

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What's with this?

Every guru under the sun tells
you the money's in the darned
list so it begs the question;

Why don't you have one?

Let me take a stab at some
of the possible "reasons" here;

- Not enough knowledge on
how to do it

- Not enough time to do it

- Not enough money to
invest in doing it

Valid reasons?

Not on your nelly.

I will help you.

You don't need any prior
experience or expertise.

You don't need a whole
bunch of time (just delay
watching Game of Thrones
for a couple of hours).

You don't need a king's
ransom to do this (and if
you can't get a few dollars
together to grow your business
then frankly - you should go
get a job, another job or
sell something until you can.)

To be honest:-

I don't know why I didn't
create a simple list-getting
program like this before
(especially because it's
flying off the shelves like
Voodoo Donuts).

Get your very own
money-making list here;

[to your success,]