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Complete Done For You Email Marketing Business

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How Would You Like To Copy My Email System?

With Instant Email Biz you make money in 2 different ways.

1) sending your email every day and getting paid 20 cents
 for every click generated by ClickAggregators. 

2) By referring others to become mailers like yourself.
   Clickbetter.com will pay you for your Referals.


 Referring other people, is completely optional and does not
 effect how much you make from your own click earnings.

You can make money each month working only 10 minutes a week?

Here Is EXACTLY What You Need To Do:

Just send visitors to your Clone Website
 and let the System do the work for you.

1) Earn $20 of the $27 Email Activation Fee that your Referal paid to get started!
2) If your Referal Upgraded to the $97 To be Able to Email 2 times a day,
  you just earned another $60!
3)If your Referal Adds a one time 5000 Subscribers to their account 
  for a one time upgrade of $199 Then you earns $120! 

That EASILY Adds up to OVER $250 In Commissions From EACH REFERRAL!

You can drive traffic to your Clone Website using ANY Method
BUT,We recommend buying visitors  FROM OUR SECRET SOURCE. 

Lets Say You Send 500 Visitors to your Clone Website.
On average 200 will "opt-in" from there you  will get 20 referrals.
Total Immediate Commissions - $400 Paid Directly to you Weekly!

Total Immediate Profit - $150
Of those 15 new Upgrades, on Average 5 will Upgrade to be able to 
send email to their list twice a day, which earns you another $300

Also, of the 15 New Upgrades, on average 3 will upgrade to add another
 5000 Subscribers to their account which earns you ANOTHER $360!

You have now earned $1,060 from an initial advertising spend of just $250!
   Even if it was just HALF that, it would double your money!

That is the real power of our business model and our Clone Yourself Program. 

you do not have to send 500 visitors at once!
 If you sent 100 visitors a week for 5 weeks,
 you're result would still be the same.

the possibilities are endless with this Program!
If you want to be a part of this,then

 Click On the Link Below To Get Started. 
Talk soon!