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You Will Receive 10.00 Payments OVER and OVER!!!

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I’ve just updated the 11 Instant Pay sites where we offer 50% to 100% INSTANT Commissions with a 10.00 Super Solo Offer, and it’s JAM-PACKED FOR 10 BUCKS!

Each of the 11 sites has 5 Super Solo Networks – each 10.00 Offer gives you Site Ads AND 2 of each Network, for a total of 10 Super Solos!

Depending on the site, each 10.00 Super Solo Offer has a Retail Value ranging from 79.90 to 93.66 – ALL for 10.00!

When you’re a Free Member or Gold Member, you’ll receive 50% INSTANT Commissions. 1st Sale to the Admin, 2nd Sale to the Affiliate.

When you’re a Platinum Member, you’ll receive 75% INSTANT Commissions. 1st Sale to the Admin, next 3 Sales to the Affiliate.

When you’re an Elite/Founder Member, you’ll receive 100% INSTANT Commissions, receiving 100% of EVERY SALE!!!

So if you’re not making up to 100.00+ per day, you need to pay attention to, and promote these 11 sites!

Over the next 4 to 6 months, we’ll be updating close to 130 sites with this new script, which means NOBODY in our industry will give you more options to earn INSTANT Commissions, paid DIRECTLY to your account – with 10 Payment Methods to choose from!

“You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must always be lead.” LOL. Little joke there.

To your online success!