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Do you want to save up TO 45% on your Energy Bill! Announcing GenEnergy is now ready!

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What is GenEnergy

GenEnergy can optimize electrical systems in residential homes and commercial business, and produce a savings of up to 45% on Electric Bills. GenEnergy is an energy saving device designed to optimize electrical motors and reduce amperage and heat generation which results in a lower consumption of electricity. This technology reclaims, stores and supplies power to inductive motors and loads. All induction loads consume two kinds of power: 1) Reactive Power, and 2) Working Power of KW. Working power performs the application or the work of the motor. The only function of reactive power is to develop an electromagnetic field to ground induction winding’s (EMF’s).


Residential GenEnergy Devices

Thousands of people are enjoying the energy savings and surge protection that our GenEnergy Devices provide.
Not only can you enjoy the money that you will save, you can also feel the comfort of knowing that your expensive electronics are protected from power surges and spikes.

GenEnergy is designed to recycle the unused or wasted electricity in your current electrical system. Therefore, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the amount of electricity your utility provider needs to produce.