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Today I was told by an acquaintance that he didn’t see the value, of $24.95 per month, for LegalShield’s services. He decided to stay with his local attorney. Mind you, I had already met with and had several conversations with him to answer all of his questions, including the IF YOU WERE MY ATTORNEY… He sarcastically asked if I could show him 3 reasons why I see so much value in LegalShield.

I responded with the following: “Hi John (not his real name) Thank you for informing me of your decision not to join LegalShield. You may want to share the following with your local attorney, and get his advice. I assume that we have no need to meet on Friday, so I will cancel our appointment.
I realize now that I must not have explained the services thoroughly. I apologize for not being more clear. This is the value I see:

Consultation, unlimited minutes and matters. Will your local attorney give you, and covered family members, consultation on unlimited matters and unlimited issues for $24.95 per month?
LegalShield is the only company in the US that provides you with 24/7/365 Emergency access to an attorney should you, or your family, ever be detained, questioned, or arrested. Will your attorney be available 24/7?

Where else can you get your Will prepared by paying only $24.95 per month, with yearly updates at no extra cost? Will your attorney prepare Wills and give you free yearly Will updates, for you, your wife, and your 2 children who are over 18?

In the event of an audit, LegalShield provides you with up to 50 hour of a Tax attorney’s time. Keep in mind your accountant or CPA must answer the questions an auditor asks, your attorney does not have to answer. Is your attorney a qualified tax attorney?

Should you, or your wife, ever be accused of vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide, your auto insurance does not cover criminal charges. LegalShield has you covered! Will your attorney represent you in court at no cost, and is he a qualified trial defense attorney?

Should you ever file bankruptcy, need to sue someone, get a DUI or any other action not covered on the flat sheet I gave you, you will get a 25% off of an attorney’s fees. Is your local attorney qualified to handle all legal matters and does he give discounts? “
The last message I received from him read: I’ll see you Friday at 1 pm… MIC DROP!!!

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